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6 November 1990
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Leeni. Homo. Queer. Gay. Dyke. 19. Redhead. <- Subject to change. Likes tattoos. Piercings. Occasional smoker&drinker. In love. ♥ kitsunechen ♥. Loves her friends. Likes to use fullstops. Arteest. Bleeds. Might secretly be Kate Walsh. strangethoughts & blamethegoddess.
The L Word. Tegan & Sara. Liz Feldman. This Just Out. We're Getting Nowhere. St Trinians. Harry Potter. Uh Huh Her. Oi Oi Lady. Sugarland. Kate Walsh. Sara Ramirez. Brooke Smith. Kate Moennig. Plushies. Leisha Hailey. Erin Daniels. Grey's Anatomy. Fuck you ABC. SVU. Mariska Hargitay. Fanfiction. Art.
Hi I'm Leeni and I'm a gay-o-holic. I'm proud of my queer status, and would actually consider calling in queer to work. I read, I write, I draw, I do all the arty things, albeit not well. Basically, I love to express myself, though I'm not the best at it.
kitsunechen is my lover. strangethoughts is like my best friend. blamethegoddess just rocks my socks off <3. burningeden is my fanfiction hero. ellipsesoveruse is a sweetheart. platipie is loopy, but I love her anyway <3. luckystar37 is made of win and awesome and a similar kind of crazy to me. audreyfrill is some jap-lovin awesome <33 kaiitlin is Squall. Duh. x0xmariex0x my favorite Québécoise

Erica Hahn is McHardcore love

Callie Torres is hot latina love

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